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All major decisions are best made with careful planning!

Death is a subject most people can't bring themselves to think about — let alone discuss.

Yet it's very important—for your peace of mind and your loved ones' — that you make decisions about your passing now. Otherwise, it will be left to your loved ones, who in their moment of grief and sadness, may not be able to make the best, most clear-headed decisions.

At Woodbine, we've created a comprehensive Pre-Need Program that empowers you to make all of your arrangements now. From mausoleum plans that are as affordable as traditional burial, to the increasingly popular cremation niche, we offer everything you need to make informed decisions about this very difficult topic. So when the time comes, your loved ones can feel confident that you have taken care of everything in advance.

top 10 reasons why people don't pre-plan (and the top 10 reasons why they should)
With Woodbine Cemetery's Pre-Need Planning Service You Will Benefit from:
  • Financial Savings
    Purchasing at today's prices means avoiding inflation and escalating costs.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    Including our interest-free plan.
  • A Pre-Need Planner
    Your loved ones will have all of your vital information should they ever need it. Our Pre-Need Planner is available at no additional cost.
  • Convenience, Choice, and Control
    Everything you plan will be carried out to your specifications.
  • One-on-One Consultation
    with a Woodbine Memorial counselor—if you prefer, we'll even come to your home.

In life, we only hope to make the RIGHT decisions!
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