Our chapel mausoleum offers the assurance of above ground, dry, ventilated entombment. The rich colored marble, imported from Italy and honed to a satin finish gives a friendly feeling of warmth and comfort. The mausoleum is scientifically designed and built by nationally known mausoleum experts using the most enduring materials. Here your memories are enshrined and your family name honored for all time.

mausoleum selections
personal tribute
is for the individual whose pre-planned final arrangements include mausoleum entombment. Contrary to popular belief, mausoleum entombment is often comparable in price to in-ground burial. This little-known fact, paired with the decidedly numerous advantages mausoleums provide, have made The Personal Tribute a popular choice among singles for decades.

heart to heart
also for the couple, the deceased are placed in separate crypts (side by side).
together forever
is for the couple whose pre-planned final arrangements include mausoleum entombment. It places the deceased in the same crypt (head to head).

two in harmony
this is the perfect solution for a couple when one member prefers the idea of mausoleum entombment, while the other prefers the idea of cremation. By placing the remains of one person inside the mausoleum with their beloved, each personís individual wishes are met.
peace of mind. Losing a loved one can be one of the most stresstful times in anyoneís life. Aside from emotional grief, thereís also financial stress, and the anxiety that comes with making burial arrangements and cemetery choices. Thatís why itís so important to consider WOODBINE CEMETERY & MAUSOLEUM. It enables you to make your own arrangements in advance, relieving your loved ones from this resposibility and giving you a level of peace of mind that is truly priceless.