If you've ever considered cremation entombment, consider Woodbine.

At Woodbine, our memorial counselors are committed to helping you make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Try to discuss the subject of death with a friend or a loved one and chances are theyíll change the subject. Yet our passing is inevitable. And no matter how uncomfortable the topic makes us, itís important that we donít just talk about itóbut plan for it.

At Woodbine we encourage an atmosphere of open communication. We believe you should have all the information you need to make informed decisions about what will happen after your passing. Planning ahead not only relieves the decision-making burden for loved ones, it ensures family members know your views and wishes.

One burial option that is increasing in popularity is cremation. Yet many people have unanswered questions about it such as:

  • Is it true that the Catholic Church forbids cremation?
  • No, in 1969, the Church made formal provision in the Order of Christian Burial for the committal or entombment of cremated remains.
  • What if I want to be cremated but my spouse does not?
  • Ask about our Two in Harmony option that allows the cremated remains of one spouse to be placed in the space of the other.
  • I don't think Iíd feel comfortable scattering ashes or keeping an urn in my home; are there other options?
  • We offer many options such as the cremation niche.
cremation and catholicism

church doctrine does not allow for scattering of ashes, however, entombment in an urn placed in a grave or mausoleum is permitted.

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